Plasma treatments

  1. Bio-filler: This Bio-filler Gel can be used to lift very fine lines and wrinkles as well as larger areas of the facial skin that need to be treated. The Bio filler is produced by processing your own plasma, denaturing the plasma protein by heat, and then combining the obtained hard gel with other plasma bio-active ingredients like growth factor. It is then injected to volumize, face, lips for a totally natural face-lift. It allows it to be more precise and refined. A crucial criteria of bio fillers is that there is minimal allergic reaction unlike synthetic fillers, but lasts less.
  2. Vampire Facelift (PRP): Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) are used to increase healing process at the cellular level. It has been invented to restore the natural beauty by starting the natural rejuvenation process of the skin and aiming to make it function as a younger one and to keep the skin youthful and maintain it. Besides that, it has also emerged to include hairs as a new injectable procedure to enable stimulating hair growth locally and topically; preventing its fall; improving hair shaft, hair stem, and its caliber; increasing its shine, vitality and declining hair splitting and breakage. Thus, youth is in your blood with its magical imposed in the platelet factors.

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